As a Social worker

“Social work is not the one who seeks mileage from people to be a political leader. Instead, a social worker should be the one to fight for justice and well being of society”

As a lawyer, Mr. Shaji Kodankandath can easily involve in the social affairs of the public. It helped him to understand the people and their problems. By involving more in the social matters, he comprehended that as an advocate he could make a difference. From that day onwards, he started to fight cases for the society as a one man army. To some extent, he was able to revamp the society with his dedication and effort.

Mr. Shaji has had advocated many cases such as Mannuthy-Vadakkanchery Six line highway construction, Pattalamkuzhi bridge construction, preventing from shutting down Trap and Skeet Shooting Club in Police Academy, etc. He was able to bring these social issues to the court’s attention and was also able to attain positive judgements on these matters. With tireless efforts, Mr. Shaji stopped the Govt. officials from shutting down the hospital in Peechi which is the only source of medical treatment for the tribals. He also attained permission for the construction of check dam on the Manali river which helped to recharge the groundwater in the area during extreme summer.

Mr. Shaji learned social work is an endeavour to augment social functioning and overall prosperity. It is the most important fact in life that we should always be ready to help those who need our help most. He, as an advocate, makes a lot of efforts to make sure that all the people get justice equally without any prejudice or bias. Mr. Shaji understood that he can go on with his social works without the support of politics.

As an Advocate
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